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Hear what our athletes have to say about being part of the CMC family.



"One of my lifelong goals has been to qualify for the Boston Marathon (by running a sub 3:05 qualifying marathon) and an even loftier goal was to break 3hrs along the way. Not only did Coach Paul help me achieve BOTH of these goals at the Baystate Marathon in Oct 2022, he got me to the starting line 100% healthy and with a level of confidence I never would have had on my own. I was skeptical about working with a coach to begin with, but now I can’t imagine training for any race without Paul pushing me along the way. He is unbelievably responsive at nearly all hours of the day, extremely intelligent, and just a really good person who I now consider a great friend. As you begin working with him he seeks to understand you, knows when to push your limits and is not afraid to tell you to back off if you’re overdoing it. I would 110% recommend working with Paul whether you are just learning to run your first 5K or if you are training for the Ironman World Championships at Kona – he can do it all."



"Paul is an athlete’s coach. He is great at balancing his athletes' training with their lives. I came to CMC as I was starting to train for my first Ironman. When Covid happened and things didn’t go as planned, Paul created a homemade 140.6 course, taking on the role of both race organizer and coach. When I was on the fence about doing an “official” Ironman a year later, he assured me that I could absolutely do it. More importantly, after I had a health scare, Paul was able to modify my training to not only get me to the starting line of Ironman Lake Placid healthy, but to get me across the finish line as well. I consider Paul both a friend and Coach and because of him and the community he has built, I am a 2x Ironman."



“I’m an Ironman thanks to Paul and his coaching.”



“Finding a tri coach is like finding a partner. While anyone can train you, you need to find one who “gets you.” It’s not just writing a plan for you to follow, but your coach needs to know who you are, when to push you, or in my my case to force me to back it down. Paul is that coach. He is so much more than the man behind the program. He is a coach, a spiritual advisor, a confidant and sometimes, a nag. He was always available when I had questions, concerns or crazy ideas. He even brought in other experienced coaches to dial me in prior to my first IM. I cannot fully recommend him more.”



“When I started training for my triathlons, I wanted a coach that would get me to the starting line well prepared physically and mentally. Paul not only got me ready for my races, but he also listened and answered any questions or concerns I had. The other great thing about CMC is the camaraderie of the group. I have made some great friends and wonderful people to train with. There is a wealth of knowledge shared, and a great sharing of ideas.”



“I started working with Paul and Laura in the summer of 2021 to help prepare for some upcoming triathlons. As a collegiate runner, I appreciate Paul’s training philosophy and help improving in other disciplines. When I started with him I could barely swim a 100 yards without stopping. Not only have I finished 2 Olympic distance triathlons, I had dropped my swim time considerably. Looking forward to more years of success and setting PRs with Paul and Laura as my coaches.”

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 9.19.35 AM.png


“Paul has been my coach for the last year and a half.  He is supportive, approachable and an amazing resource for all things running and fitness-related.  He has shown up to support me at my races and even met me at the track for early morning workouts.  He’s a great coach and an all around superior human.  All the thumbs up for Paul Capuzzo.”



"When I started working with Paul I had just competed in an Olympic distance triathlon that I barely finished. Cycling was my weakest discipline and I found maintaining a 15mph pace difficult over 30 miles. By the end of my first season with Paul I completed my first 70.3 feeling strong and averaged 17.6mph on the bike over 56 miles! Paul is a gifted listener who knows when to push his athletes and when to ease off and his methods pay off."



"Paul is an elite athlete and can coach elite athletes, but he also has a passion and conviction for the beginner - he took my less than confident, busy mom-of-three self and made me into a contender.  If you need a killer coach who is kind, relatable, funny, approachable, and SUPER SKILLED at structuring training to make gains - Paul is your guy."



"Coach Paul does a great job enforcing compliance while allowing “life” to happen during training.  The tailored workouts he puts together have been working really well and he follows up with me after every one.  I have gone from 1:40/100 to 1:25/100 in the pool after only one season.  Every discipline of my triathlon has improved and I am enjoying it more and more."



"I could’ve never achieved my goal of being under 32 minutes to PR, and my “secret” goal of being under 30 without you! I owe it all to you!"



I first got introduced to Paul in the middle of a mild panic.  I had signed up for the Connecticut Half Ironman in mid-January and was told by another experienced coach that I needed to rethink my goals - as training for that race with only 4 months to go was an unreachable goal.


When I met Paul, he helped me settle into an amazing training routine.  There was never any time I felt that I was alone and couldn't achieve my goals.  From helping me select the right bike to getting in the pool and correcting my stroke, Paul was with me every step of the way.  Even when I got injured 6 weeks out of my race, Paul adjusted my training so I would be able to cross the finish line. 

I often tell people that the biggest benefit of having a Tri-Coach is not having to think about what you need to do. Every day your training and fueling is set, so staying focused and on-course is significantly easier. 


The truth is, the real benefit comes from the tweaks he made, the encouragement he gives and the sense of community you get from working with Paul and his other clients.  

Whether you've raced for a few years or never tried to get on a wetsuit, Paul is the best person to have in your corner.

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